Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sweet Pea

Michelle, my hair dresser and friend is pregnant with her second baby and tomorrow will be the reveal of gender!!! Ahhh! I cannot wait to hear what she's having next! She already has a boy, Chance, and now he is gonna be a BIG bother!! I begged her to let me know before everyone else so I could create a project or gift for him/her but that wasn't happening! She told me I would have to wait just like everyone else! Boo! I called her a meanie!
Who likes to wait??
Nobody I know!
I can't stand the suspense but until I know for certain green is safe and sweet pea can apply to either, right?!

sweet pea

Have any projects that involve babies that you are working on? Share! I'd love to see and hear about them.

Happy Saturday!!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Custom order - Canning Tomatoes- completed album!

Hey there! Long time no post :( It has been suuuper crazy here in my world lately. I managed to upload photos from a recent scrapbook order I completed. I though maybe you might like to see a few of the 12x12 layouts that I created!

Here is a sampling of the scrapbook album "Canning tomatoes" order I just finished up.  The scrapbook box was the icing on the cake! It's made by Pioneer, has 20 top loading pages (40 sides), D-ring construction, stitched, faux-leather with a photo opening on the cover. Just gorgeous!!!

This was a special project for me because it reminded me so very much of my mom and the last year she was alive. We were at her house in August of 2009, showing my kids the tomato plants she was growing in containers. She was holding out her hand and my son was giving her a tomato he just plucked off of her plant. The rich colors of the green vine,earthy rich soil, clay pot and bright red all together are just beautiful and I can almost taste the sweetness from the tomato as I think back.

Do you have a super special memory that just brings you back instantly like that? Share! I'd love to hear it :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday and craft on, I say! Ha!

Jenn : )