Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday !!!

Thought I would share a bunch of random projects with you.

I made most of these for the SSC (Simply Scrapping Crafts) challenges. By the way, I am no longer on the Design Team there. I recently found out I have another herniated disc in my neck. Next Thursday I have an appointment with my spine surgeon. This herniation is pressing on the nerve root at C6-7, which is causing me serious pain. The amount of pain pills I am on is just crazy and the crazier part is that the pain is coming right through. There aren't many options besides surgery at this point. I already had 2 surgeries on my neck. The two levels above are fused solid. This one is below my last fusion.

It's pretty scary.

I love crafting and creating but when I sit at the computer it kills me. When I stand and try to create it hurts so much lately. The location of this herniation directly relates to the left arm. My arm is almost completely dead. The feeling is like a hot spear going through my shoulder and radiating down my arm. Ouch! The pills I'm on make me really dizzy and loopy to say the least! I cannot commit to the team in this state. I'm very, very sad about it. When I was asked to join the team I met some awesome ladies and hopefully we stay connected even though I am not on the team anymore. Occasionally, I hope to play along with the challenges when I can and I hope you do too! They are really coming up with some awesome new challenges over there. Check them out so you don't miss out!!! Prizes will be given out too!!

Anyhow, this is what I created before I started to feel really bad.

Thanks for checking it out : )

"Wacky Wednesday" challenge is going on right now at SSC! Check out all the awesome samples made by the DT. My take was using circle and scallop backgrounds to create a repeated shape on my card. I made flowers because they are my favorite happy thing! gerbera daisies and shasta daisies just make me smile. They are happy perky flowers! The patterned paper used here is October Afternoon- "Farm Fresh" Looove this line!!!

The layout above was created for an SSC die cut challenge. The Die Cut / Punch group was removed on the site due to the lack of participants. I was shocked and very disappointed to hear that. I know there are a ton of Cricut (die cut / punch) lovers out there and on the site but not too many entered their creations to the site. That's too bad we didn't get to see them.
The theme for this challenge was Disney. Make a card or layout using your favorite Disney character following the sketch provided. I made Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It reminds me of my daughter and I love the movie. I saw the play many years ago and it was fantastic!
I cut her profile "icon" out in black and added black MS glitter to it for the bling factor!

This is my daughter's favorite thing! SHOES! She has had an obsession for shoes since she was a baby! I guess I am the one responsible for that!!! Ok, I'll admit, I do too!! This was created with the Paisley cartridge and cut on my Cricut. I had a sheet of embossed hearts to use as the background. This will go in her room. She loves it!

I am no pro at coloring that is for sure! This card was also created for an SSC challenge group called "Stamp n Scrap" I love this group. I should have really used a different image but she is soooo fun! It's Wineabella! It's just a fun stamp and I am not entering any contest with her but I sure had fun coloring her! It relaxed me and brought out the kid in me! : )

This card was created for an SSC challenge. Use circles in the way I have. Fold them in on both sides and place them closely side by side. It was something they had for NSD. It came out cute I think! It was really fun to do something different like this with plain ol' circles don't ya think?
The paper I used for this is g.c.d. Have you ever used their paper? Oh my!!! I found them on clearance at Michaels-I want to save them and never cut them up because they are sooo cool and beautiful! I didn't even realize the lines of paper they have-extensive!

Well, that is all for now.

I hope I hear from you and have a wonderful weekend.




  1. Jenn, that last card is STUNNING!!! Wow!!! I have to try that technique. Love the shoes too :)

  2. Jenn, I hope your surgery goes well and that you'll soon be back to crafting and enjoying it without the pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Wonderful creations. So sorry to read that your health has you sidelined as a DT. Hope you feel well enough to craft a little.

  4. Awww Jenn,

    I am sorry to hear about your herniation and all the pain it is causing you. I also am sorry to hear you may likely need more surgery...but I do HOPE it can help! As someone who lives with pain daily (Fibro and Degenerative Disc Disease), I know exactly how you feel and I do understand!

    I was recently offered and accepted a DT position and thought I could do it, but in the very first week I had a med change and was absolutely miserable and had to step down. Its' such an honor and I was so proud to be asked...but quickly learned that my illness makes it too difficult! It also took the FUN out of crafts and that is the ONE thing I LOVE, and simply could not bear to lose form my life. It's my ONLY hobby and MOST days I can still craft! I HOPE that you'll always have it too!

    I also have significant degenerative issues in my cervical spine nad have some spurring. At this point surgery is not an option for me, but the pain is just awful and the computer is a huge factor.

    I'll PRAY you feel better soon and that surgery can help you. I almost wish in a way, that there was some type of surgery I could have...but Fibro has NO cure!


    PS: You can write to me anytime...if you need a friend who understands you pain and upset! :)


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