Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pirate Party Invites

Wow! It has been a looong time since I have posted. A lot has gone on in my world since June. I am happy to say though I am still crafting and scrapbooking when I can. I should have waaaay more time to do it now that my youngest in is full day kindergarten. Honestly, I do not know where the time goes all day every day. I feel like I have been playing "catch up" with the cleaning of the house, errands, grocery shopping, homework, soccer and my freedom of course! ; ) I almost forgot what it was like to shop without entertaining a little one or constantly having snacks in my purse! It feels good to not carry around a suitcase anymore. lol

Well, it's almost my son's 6th birthday (in Oct.) and of course we're having a party for him so I'm trying to get a jump start on things like invitations. The whole pirate thing kinda just happened to be my idea. We (both kids were with me at the time) were shopping in Children's Place and they had a few boy costumes hanging on the rack so I said, "Awww! look how cute this is!" My son said, "I'll be a pirate if ya want me to ma.....Arrrr!!!!" right there in the aisle with people around us!!! He's a bit shy so when this happened I was a little shocked. I nearly fell over laughing! I couldn't be happier that he sorta proposed the idea. I don't want to be that mom that says this is what you will be because I say so. He's very easy going but if he didn't love it he probably would not have suggested it on his own. I think he just want to carry around the cool sword and shout out Arrrr! Fine with me!

We all know how much pirate stuff there is out there to scrapbook with right?! Well, I saw quite a bit in the stores but didn't really "feel" any of it was for me.
I found on The Cutting Cafe a great set to use. Regina is absolutely amazing and so very talented over at the cafe. You should check out her cutting files and see the oodles of printable sets she has. I don't use a Wishblade (cutter-I prefer my Expressions still-for now anyway ; )) or I would have been able to cut these out. I printed the files out on my home printer. They come in .pdf format so it's super easy!!
I didn't go into too much fuss for the invites because the kids will probably just throw them out so -quick it was but very cute, fun and kid friendly pirate faces for them and they will not be found in stores so I like that a lot! Below is a variety of the invitatiosn I made using the set she created . I had to make 21 invites for my son's whole kindergarten class. I repeated only a couple but most are originals and one of a kind! I sure hope the kids like them as much as I enjoyed assembling them. I added a few stickers and rhinestones to them (from Michaels) along with a white pen and a black pen for a few touches of enhancement here and there. I couldn't be happier with the personal invites. I hope the party is as much fun ; )

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  1. outstanding, outstanding...perfect for the little guy...just the right touches...not to much and not to less...great like can i put in the customer gallery?

  2. Of course you can, in fact I would be honored if you did. Thanks for checking them out!


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