Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Fur Babies

Meet Hershey and Truffles Can you tell I love chocolate?! Lol!

Hershey is a highly energetic, lovable 1 year old Schnoodle (Poodle / Schnauzer mix).
Here is Super Doggie!!!
I love her eyes so much. My daughter and I had fun experimenting with all the bows!
We had fun, not so sure Hershey did! She tolerated it well ; ) She's a pretty girl.
Hershey,Thea and Truffles
I don't keep her hair cut like a typical schnauzer just personal preference. I like clean cut paws and face : )
Truffles here is supposedly a Bishon Frise. Our vet said she's a Maltese. Go figure. Maybe she is a mix. The only way to be certain is to do genetic testing and we figured either way we aren't going to give her back so why bother. She's her to stay. Regardless of her breed she is the sweetest little girl ever. I love her temperament. She loves to kiss and cuddle. When we brought her home she was only 4+ lbs. She fit in all Thea's doll clothes! Oh what fun we had : )
Hershey- sitting pretty and oh so well behaved ; ) I wish I could show you how she does her ballerina dance. She is on her tippy toes and goes around and around in circles for a treat! talented little schnoodle we have here!

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  1. Hey girly.. I am loving these adorable pets of yours.. such cuteness.. the bows are wonderful. What perfect models you have.. Hope you are well. HugsXx


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