Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who likes to Par-tay?

I do, I do!!!!!
Well, guess what?

The Outlawz is throwing a summer bash and would love for you to join the fun!

School is almost out and summer is on its waaaay!!!!!

There's going to be loads of prizes in all of the challenge groups!!!! You won't want to miss it : )
You can choose which challenge you want to enter or how many! The link above takes you straight to the front page of The Outlawz. The list of sponsors along with the prizes going out was too long for me to list here so head on over and see for yourself!

Celebration begins June 5th and ends June 11th. Grab your sunscreen and non plastic water bottle (Go green!) because it's gonna be a hot one!!!


  1. Your blog looks awesome and love the picture of the school house closing! Thank you g/f! Love your blog design and the music is soothing!

  2. Your blog is awesome, see you at the party!

  3. I love parties and I love to enjoyed them. DJ would be best for chill out.

  4. I saw the pictures and those really interesting. I missed those celebrations.


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