Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saying goodbye to February

Ok so I am a little late in posting Valentine's Day cards but here they are anyway! I only made a for my son to give to his teacher which is this one"You rock"
 This one was for my daughter to give to her piano teacher:
Happy Birthday (below) was for Aunt Rita, who turned 87!!!! 
You'd never know it either. She's super spunky and has more energy than me! Lol!!!
My mom had such a major influence on my scrapbooking and card making. I knew when I made cards or mini books for her she appreciated and looved them so much. It made me feel good and also look forward to presenting her randoms projects.When I shopped for supplies I always thought to myself, oooh mom will love this paper or ooh this will look super cute in her house. Those of you that have been followers might know my mom passed away in 2009 and I'll be honest with you I have lost a lot of mojo. My passion is just not there these days. I create far less and even think less about crafting now that she is gone. Really, I do. It's sad. Her birthday was on February 21st. In preparation I went to Michael's to buy fresh supplies and thought I'd make her a beautiful card that I could frame in my craft room. If she were able to tell me herself she would say you have to make cards. You have to keep going, Jenn because this is your dream and passion. I'm struggling every day to create and get that feeling again. I thought shopping with her as my inspiration would help boost me. Would you believe after 2 hours of debating and browsing for the perfect combo of materials, my total bill came to the year she was born. I am totally serious!!!!! I almost started to cry while I was in line. Is that crazy. or. what?
We both love spring soo much. New beginnings. Birds chirping. Flowers blooming. Easter eggs.
Bunnies :  )
I saw the K&Co paper pad by Susan Winget (mostly purples) and just felt it represented her perfectly! Embellies like birds and eggs and nests and don't forget the butterflies that remind me so much of mom. I tried to make so many different cards once I got home. I was being too critical. I'm sure she would have loved any that I tossed aside. I still don't feel I got it. But here  is one I had to walk away from and call it complete.
 Can you see the bunny showing in the pic? I made that with her help many years ago! She taught me how to sew. I didn't like the lighting inside so I went outside to take another one(below)
Hope she likes it : )

The next one is also a tribute to my mom using her 2nd fav flowers. Lily of the Valley
No sentiment. have you ever been at a loss for the perfect words? I am with this one. So it will just be without one. Mom was a huge country lover. She collected pitchers and absolutely adored gingham anything! I do too :  ) Simple little country cutie here!

I'm still experimenting with my flowers but I could not put off posting again knowing tomorrow is March 1st!
I hope I didn't babble too much. Thanks for stopping by : ) Have a great week!

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