Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Who doesn't love to look at pics?

Heavy Photo post .....playing catch up with layouts I made that never got posted to my blog!

I have my laptop here that I am going through folder by folder trying to grab pics to post. I had a super, scary incident a few weeks back. My MAC (it's really old too) which is where ALL 10K+ photos of mine live. Well, I went to turn it on and..... nothin...... No power. No nuthin? Gasp...............
I freaked out and started to shake. I cannot imagine what I would do if all of my photos disappeared.
The weirdest thing happened. A friend of mine said her DH would take a look at it because he is the guru of computers and if he can't fix it no one can. I was sick to my stomach until I heard from her. He plugged it in and it turned on.
He didn't do anything to it.! It just worked! Happy dance!!!!! :-)
I learned a valuable lesson. BACK UP!
SO, on that note,  I am sharing, posting and backing up to Snapfish and some cloud thing! I had all of my moms' pics on the MAC too that I cannot ever get a copy of. about close call, right?

This post contains various layouts and a card along with random pics I wanted to share to kind of get caught up in blog land. Lol!  


Travel  2-12x12 pages

A card I made for my surgeon. (sorry for the blur-took w/phone)

I captured this on the way home from the bus stop one morning. Seeing light or hope through the darkness and pain in my heart from missing my mom. 

Random canvas shapes I cut and misted with Heide Swapp mist. Center is seed beads on top of stickles and wired beads glued down

Solar light my mom bought for me years ago. She lights my path :-) <3 br="">

quick and simple Halloween layout

another simple fun page to add to my Halloween layouts (right side)
left side of layout

love how the title is popping off the page a bit!
I really have to organize my photos better and start blogging again. I miss you guys out there :-)
I'm currently working on orders now for baby books and a first birthday. My surgeon had twins so guess what that means? Yup! A set of books for him and his wife!!! I couldn't find a neutral album for both so I got a pink and a blue 12x12 album for each baby! I am going with the CAS style for these. I love newborn babies and I don't want to take away from the photos of their precious, itty, bitty feet and first smiles so this will probably come together rather quickly for me. I plan to use a lot of lace and trims though. I'll be photographing these with my good camera and not my phone, promise!
The other order I have paralleling this is a volley ball album. I decided to make one for my daughters coach and a mom asked if I could make her daughter one too. Of course!  Look for these pics to come soon.

Glad we could catch up and it feels great to post after all this time. :-)

Are you working on any projects right now? Send me a comment and share. I'd love to hear about it!


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  1. Great collection of projects and photos! Your scrapbook pages are so inspiring! I am loving the surgeon card -- how flippin' cute are those scrubs and the stethoscope? GORGEOUS misted canvas shapes, too!


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