Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wedding Album

I'm working on an order now for a Wedding Album.

The bride has chosen such inspiring colors that if I were getting married for the first time I'd use her palette for my own :-)
The order comes from her mom. She wants to surprise her daughter with a 12x12 album on the day of her bridal shower so I am plugging away working on pages for this!

Here are just a couple I have uploaded so far....(it's a destination wedding taking place in Jamaica)

I'll have more to share later on today, I just need to take the pics then post :-)
Have a sunny day!!


  1. helllllllo sweet jenn! yes, i had a family situation that required that my full attention for awhile, but i, too, am thrilled and thankful to be back. thank you so, so much for the sweetest note, you absolutely made my day. i came right over to say "hello" and found this beautiful album, looove the colors and the bride will LOVE it! you are the sweetest my friend, thank yoU!

  2. Great scrapbook pages! I'm a new follower. I found you through The Outlawz blog followers forum!


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