Monday, February 21, 2011

Altered Gifts

Happy Birthday Aunt Deb!
Two cupcakes, one for each baby : ) Not so sure you can see the "angel" on the left one but that's what Thea said she made!!! We were supposed to go their house today for her birthday and drop off gifts but it snowed....again. Yuck! So sick of it already. Anyway, we made fun crafty projects ate lots and stayed warm. We want you to see the gifts here as a sneak peek so here they are:

I bet you'd never guess in a million years what this gorgeous gift bag started out as.
Give up?
Shake n bake box!
Yup!!!! I covered that sucker up and beautified it for ya : ) How ya like me now?!
This was an ordinary shirt box I had bu what's inside is from Thea! Ooooh weee the paper on here just perks it up doesn't it? Plain Jane, I think not!
Top view to see the glittery glammy paper

This box below holds the best gift of all but I cannot tell you/show you yet! You'll just have to wait until we deliver it to you! ha ha : ) Is the suspense killin' ya?!
Check out those grapes!!! I love the color and dimension on them. The braiding cord on there came out awesome too. Put a little glue on your finger and wet the cord with glue then wrap it around a pencil or a small diameter rod to "curl" or "coil" it up just like a real died up grapevine! I embossed the leaves to add texture and dimension. I loooove these so much! Hope you
do too: )
Here's a little somethin' extra! I coordinated the bag with the box. I love these grapes I want them all over my house!!!! I put a little Tattered angels mist on the bag to make it a little more rustic feeling. The trellis at the top was my Martha Stewart punch.
close up---oooh I love them!
Here's the set together- so pretty.....for my dearest friend.


  1. Very, very nice Jenn! FYI, my bday is in Aug; I'll be expecting so very cute boxes in the mail. (They don't even have to have stuff in them if they look like these!) :D

  2. you are a trip T!!!!Thank you very much :)

  3. Jenn ~ Your blog is so gorgeous. You are unbelievably creative!

  4. Wow Jenn, those grapes are amazing. This is definitely your Thang!


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