Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom and Deb

These cards are a bit old but I wanted to post them in honor of my mom's birthday tomorrow. I never dreamed I'd have the cards here in my hands again but after my mom lost her battle to cancer in November of 2009, I have them. They were for Mother's Day (2 years ago). The sentiment on it reads true for everyday. She was my .......everything. My best friend in the whole world.
Everything I am today, I owe to my mother. May she rest in peace now and forever.
I miss her so much it hurts so deeply, still. People say, time heals all wounds.

Honestly, I don't know one person that likes to have their picture taken, me included. I found a few pics in my iphoto library of my mom and sister in law, Debbie. They share the same birthday (30 yrs difference!). For years our family celebrated them together. Now, everything has changed. It's sad for us because I want to be happy for her and with her but I'm so down about my mom I can't seem to celebrate. Deb, is my living bff and it hurts to know I can't smile big enough (fake) for her. She knows me well enough to know I am crying inside and just can't seem to be chipper just yet. It all goes back to the time thing, I guess.

Below are a few ooooold pics of us! I'd give anything to have another moment to say cheese and say, "Who cares what I look like!" : ) smile proud!

Me (Jenn) and my Mom (Carolinda)(2008)
Me and Deb (2008)

Deb and my mom (2008)
Deb and my mom were very close.She loved my mom sincerely. Together the 3 of us had a ball. We would laugh, cook, bake, cry, and take care of each other like close mothers and sisters do. Deb and I still call each other up and cry if we are having a "mom" day or one of our children asks about Gram, again. If it wasn't for Deb (and my husband) I don't know where I'd be today. She's my closet friend and I love her dearly. There must be a reason that they shared the same birthday, right? To be sad and not have cake on your own birthday? That doesn't sound like much of a birthday. We are wondering what mom would say. Go out to eat at a nice restaurant and have dessert first! : )

This was one of my mom's favorite trees, "White Dogwood". My children had their baby swings in them when we moved in and eventually old enough to climb (to the top) by themselves and give Gram a heart attack! "Be careful, you're gonna fall," she'd yell to them! The tree was so tiny when we moved in now it's just huge and that much more beautiful. My favorite thing to do is each season, take a picture of it and watch it change. Nature is amazing.

One of the things we looked forward to was spring blooms that peeked through the soil and the time to plant flowers with Grammy. She bought this for me to hang outside and look it even has a butterfly on it. She's with me all the time. : ) Have a great Sunday.

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