Friday, May 1, 2009

Communion Cards

Sorry forgot to add pics!


  1. Hi & thanks for asking about my back surgery {Dynesys}, I am doing really good right now & have some pain, if I over-do-it, but am doing pretty good. I had an x-ray last week & it shows everything is in place & I'm hoping once I start physical therapy I'll be doing even better.

    My trouble is, I also have a bad knee so I haven't been able to get out & walk like I want to :( & that makes it hard. I don't want to gain more weight, & without walking etc. I will gain more.
    My surgeon don't want me to start Physical therapy till June. My gosh, I had surgery March 4th but he said he doesn't want me to undo anything that he did in my back which makes sense.

    I'm sorry your surgery didn't work the first time around. I have heard of a couple people who had to have the Dynesys taken out. I honestly think it has a lot to do with the surgeon.

    My surgeon has had a lot of success with this system, so I will see what the future brings. Thanks for telling me what happened with you. I hope your doing better now. Keep in touch ok.

    Hugs, Janis

  2. Oh Janis,
    I pray for your wellness. I agree 100% about it depending on the surgeon. The first dr. just wanted me to take higher doses of pain pills. I was already drugged up beyond my awareness. It was so awful. I have to start pt too. I actually should have already started a long time ago. he said the more I move the better I will feel. It's true. I just HATE exercising. I bought a Yoga ball to do some stretches on and I must say I feel great when I use it. I just want to go about my scrapbooking like I used to ya know? I could sit for hours before now I just have to be aware of my position-break it up and go get a snack is all!!

    I am going to try and post a couple of things I have been working on now.
    Talk soon I hope,


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