Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flower Soft Layout

Click on each image to enlarge-you'll want to see the detail of the Flower Soft product : )
My friend Kristy and I went away for the weekend in February to get some scrapbooking done. On the way to the motel we wanted to stop at a lss (Creative Inkling and pick up a few new items for the fun of it. Well, let me tell ya, I got a demo from the assistant manager on how Flower Soft works and I was sold baby!! I am a visual person and if I see it I am more likely to get it, buy it and use it. I had never even heard of this before. Immediately I fell in love. It's fast,fun and super easy to use. A little goes a looong way. The applications for this product are only limited to your imagination!! I have sonly used it directly on my paper the picture shown above is a package of wires you can also use. You would dip them or roll them in glue and flower soft will stick to it to end up looking like dried flower sprigs. Very cute for card making. That was what I intended on using it for but as you can see my head took me in a different direction all together!!
I thought a garden with some dimension would be sooo cool!
The title- "Sowing the seeds of Love" pops right off the page as well as the rising sun in Yellow!!! I also made the trees on the paper become apple trees by adding one dot of glue and one pinch of flower soft. that's all you need seriously!!! The rows of plants were raised up also-could be leafy lettuce or whatever you want growing in your garden!!
I plan on getting the pastel kit next-soft hues. I love the primary mix of this kit though-super playful and alive!! Anyway, I just wanted to share a new fun product that is addicting-so be prepared to have fun : )

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  1. Jen~Absolutely beautiful! I just love your work! You are so talented! I'm going to look for the Flower Soft, I have a feeling that I could become addicted to it! Sharon :)


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